Welcome to Creekside West


In July 1979, Ontario City Council approved a site plan designed to achieve its vision for the future; communities where residents can live, work and play. Construction of the Creekside Village Planned Residential Development began in 1984.

The Creekside Planned Residential Development encompasses approximately 410 acres in the southeast portion of the City of Ontario adjacent to the Pomona Freeway (Route 60). The community has direct access from Riverside Drive and Haven Avenue, with regional access provided from the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10) and the Ontario Freeway (Interstate 15).

The community is adjacent to a large agricultural region known primarily for its dairy farming, vineyards, and row crops. This area was recently renamed Ontario Ranch and is being redeveloped into several residential communities. The community lies in a broad flat basin located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Two major utility easements are contained within the site, one owned by South California Gas Company and the other owned by the South California Edison Company.

The Community is generally bounded by the Pomona Freeway on the north, Riverside Drive on the south, Turner Avenue on the west, and on the east bounded by Haven Avenue.

Creekside West was developed with several goals and objectives in mind for the purpose of providing a balanced residential community. The most prominent features of Creekside West include:

  • A 7.6 acre lake to provide recreational and visual amenity,
  • Enhanced terrain to accommodate open space activity corridors and extensive landscaping,
  • A sense of community through the use of a major open space network linking residential neighborhoods with community recreational areas,
  • Provisions for individual lifestyle choices, expressed through a variety of housing types and prices to satisfy the spectrum of socio-economic desires,
  • Establishment of employment opportunities,
  • Convenient, safe access to parks, schools, and commercial uses,
  • Comprehensive sewer, water, and drainage infrastructure system,
  • Close proximity to existing public services and utilities,
  • Utilization of structural landscape areas to minimize disturbance from the nearby freeway, major arterial, and agricultural areas, and
  • Landscape and streetscape designs to enhance the aesthetic quality of the community.

Creekside Village incorporates the planning and design flexibility allowed under the Ontario Specific Plan to establish a community combining a total of 2,574 single family detached units, single family attached units, and multi-family units in addition to nine individual activity centers. Creekside West most notable features include its lake, a loop vehicular system, community-wide greenbelts, and open spaces. There are two sub associations located within Creekside West. They are The Landing Apartments and Portofino Condos.