Chaplains take on new role of caring for the caregivers during coronavirus

August 11, 2020 / Comments (0)

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Pastor Sylvia Lee Mann, of Bethel Congregational Church, sits in the sanctuary of the Ontario church Tuesday Aug. 4, 2020. Mann agreed to be the chaplain for the nonprofit D’Andre Lampkin Foundation to help the helpers. She counsels those who give out food, and those who are part of D’Andre for-profit, Care Staffing Professionals (nurses, healthcare providers) who are felling the stress of COVID19 and the hectic life in hospitals and nursing homes recently.

Nursing home caregivers say they are scared of becoming infected with the coronavirus and then transmitting it to their children.

Food pantry volunteers are wracked with guilt when shelves go bare and someone walks away hungry.

Healthcare workers say the toughest part of their day is after their shift because at home, no one gets what they are going through.

The counselors, chaplains and social workers who have ministered to local caregivers during nearly six months of working during the coronavirus pandemic have heard them expound on the fears, the exhaustion, the stress and even the anger.

But those applying healing balm to the mental state of frontline workers — whether they’re in hospitals, nursing facilities, nonprofits or grocery stores — don’t mind the heavy listening because that has become a key aspect of their work in a once-obscure profession surging in importance.

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