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March 19, 2020 / Comments (0)

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Creekside West, the city of Ontario has created a page dedicated to providing you with the latest information about the COVID-19 as it relates to our city and region.

For more information, visit

For questions, call the City Hotline at (909) 988-3650

What is the Coronavirus? (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus is a respiratory virus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei province of China. This virus most likely originally emerged from an animal source but now seems to be spreading person-to-person.  For confirmed Coronavirus infections, reported illnesses have ranged from people with little to no symptoms to people being severely ill and dying. Symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The CDC believes at this time that symptoms of the Coronavirus may appear in as few as two (2) or up to fourteen (14) days following exposure to an infected individual

What is the City Doing? – Phase Response

The City of Ontario is implementing a phased response approach to the COVID-19 outbreak with specific actions or considerations associated with triggering events. These actions are based on interim guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). In a Public Health Emergency, however, the San Bernardino County Public Health Officer may direct orders that supersede that guidance and this plan.

Phase 1: Confirmed community spread in the United States 

This phase is characterized primarily by additional planning being taken to prepare for the outbreak potentially spreading to the local area.

  • Mass gatherings/large community events will be identified, and organizers will monitor the situation to make judgement calls on rescheduling or canceling.
  • Emergency Management will monitor situation updates and progression of the issue.

Phase 2: Confirmed case in San Bernardino County

This phase emphasizes containment measures to prevent further spread of the outbreak in the region when there is at least one confirmed case residing in the county. This case may or may not be due to community spread, but precautions should be taken to prevent additional local spread of the disease, especially to vulnerable populations.

  • Mass gatherings or large community events should be cancelled or rescheduled (over 250 people).
  • Alternative Senior Meal service delivery will be implemented.
  • Non-essential meetings will be cancelled, rescheduled or held virtually.
  • First responders (and other field personnel as appropriate) will deploy Personal Protective Equipment on calls as appropriate.

Phase 3: Confirmed community spread in Ontario

At this stage, community spread is likely ongoing and containment is no longer the objective. Mitigation efforts will be instituted to prevent further transmission of the virus within the community.

  • Mass gatherings or large community events will be cancelled or rescheduled (over 50 people).
  • Community Centers, Libraries, and Museum will be closed and will implement alternative service delivery for essential services (senior meal distribution, online classes, book reservations, etc.). 
  • City Hall and other City offices’ hours may be adjusted and alternative service delivery measures may be implemented.(permit issuance, in-person bill payment, in-person business license issuance, etc.).
  • In-person meetings may be cancelled and/or transitioned to teleconference only.
  • Alternative service deliveries will be considered and implemented as appropriate for all public-facing essential functions, including the prioritization of life safety calls in Ontario Police & Ontario Fire dispatch, adjusting street and park maintenance schedules, and the closure of some City facilities. 

Phase 4: Resolution of epidemic/pandemic

There is reduction in the increase of daily active cases in the latter phases of disease progression. As the risk is reduced, containment and mitigation efforts may also be reduced.

  • Rollback of safety measures will occur in reverse order of implementation.

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