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The Clubhouse is for the use of Creekside West Village Master Association members who are current with association dues. The use of the Beach Club may be restricted by the Board of Directors for violation of the Association rules, delinquent assessments of dues, or delinquent assessments, or deliberate abuse of the Beach Club, recreational facilities or common areas, after a hearing before the Board of Directors.

The Clubhouse must be reserved in accordance with these guidelines by a member of the Association.

The Clubhouse may not be used for commercial purposes other than those endorsed by the Association or in which members may participate. Products may not be sold in the Clubhouse of any recreation facility for the profit of any individual or commercial enterprise. Clubhouse facility usage is approved for association endorsed activities, such as Association meetings, parties, etc.

Furniture must not be removed from the interior of the Clubhouse. Furniture may be moved, however, a $40.00 service charge will be deducted from the security deposit if the furniture is not returned to its original position at the close of the event.

Classes (such as exercise, book review, needlework) may be offered in the Clubhouse, provided the class is desired by the residents of CWVMA, open to all members, and attended only by members of their invited guest. One (1) homeowner must be responsible for clean-up and reserving the Clubhouse.

The reserved function shall not last later than 12:00 midnight.

The renter shall arrange for all pick-ups and deliveries to be made the day of the event.

The renter shall be completely responsible for his/her own set-up and clean-up.

The renter hereby warrants that there will be no charge to his/her guest for admission, food, beverages, or entertainment on the premises.

The Clubhouse will be supervised by on-duty patrol for all functions.

The Clubhouse will not be reserved during regularly scheduled meetings and/or events of the Association.

Pets are not allowed int eh CWVMA Clubhouse facilities unless in conjunction with a special Association program where pets are permitted.

Member must identify and save the Creekside West Village Master Association from any loss or damage to personal property by fire, theft or from any cause whatsoever and to indemnify and save the Association from any and all liability for injury or death of any person(s), or loss, or damage to any property caused by occasioned by or arising out of the use of the CWVMA facilities.

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