Creekside West lights up in blue for COVID 19 frontline workers

Creekside Covid 19 Thanks

April 12, 2020 / Comments (0)

Civic News

Creekside West changes entry lights to ‘blue’ in observance of essential workers assisting with addressing the COVID 19 outbreak.

Creekside West resident and Board Member, D’Andre Lampkin, delivers message of thanks and gratitude.

Creekside is home to first responders and front line workers tackling the challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic. As a way to express their appreciation, the Creekside West Board of Directors voted unanimously to change the lights at the community entrances to the color ‘blue’. Please join Creekside West in saying “Thanks” and “Welcome home” to our residents who are out there fighting the good fight. Let’s make sure they know we got their back.

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