Fall 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation

Deer Creek Loop Landing

March 8, 2021 / Comments (0)


The City of Ontario has scheduled the resurfacing of the major arterial streets for Creekside West. These streets include Deer Creek Loop, Creekside Drive, Elsinore Way, and Haven Avenue (between Creekside Dr and Riverside Dr).

The work is tentatively scheduled to begin as a part of the citywide pavement rehabilitation project scheduled for Fall 2021. Below are tentative schedule milestones:

  • Bid Schedule: late April 2021
  • Tentative City Council Meeting: July 20th of August 3rd 2021
  • Tentative Construction Start Date: mid-late September 2021 pending contractor schedule submittal

Once construction begins, the city will provide weekly construction status updates. During this street work, traffic on locations may be restricted at times. The contractor will protect irrigation, existing sod, mailboxes, and fence walls. Streets will receive new pavement and repair/place access ramps. The phasing of this work will be such that access to businesses, schools, and residences will be maintained.

As is the case with construction projects of this type, some slight inconvenience may be unavoidable. The city will make every effort to minimize your inconvenience during the construction period. Your cooperation with respect to temporary traffic measures and other safety-related signs within the project limits would be greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions regarding this project, or special access needs, please feel free to contact Ariana Kern, Assistant Engineer at (909) 395-2401.

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