Free Public Safety Job Fair

March 10, 2020 / Comments (0)

Civic News

The Ontario Police Department Communications Division in partnership with multiple Law Enforcement and Fire agencies from the surrounding Counties, is pleased to announce we will be hosting a Free Job Fair for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Police and/or Fire Communications / 9-1-1 / Dispatch. The job fair will be held at the Ontario Police Department; 2500 S. Archibald Ave, Ontario, CA 91761. Job seekers can attend the event at any time between 12:00pm and 4:30pm and will include informational Q & A sessions during the event.

Public Safety Dispatch is a highly rewarding career field and is ideal for the person who first and foremost likes to help others. Qualified applicants must communicate well, have strong multi-tasking abilities and be able to work well under pressure or in stressful conditions. Dispatchers are highly skilled, trained professionals who are often the first point of contact for most people experiencing an emergency or traumatic event. Often the unsung heroes, Dispatchers are dedicated to providing the first line of help until Police, Fire and Medical personnel arrive on scene.

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