About Creekside Lake

Creekside Lake Fishing

The common areas of Creekside West are like no other place. One of the most unique features of our community is our 7.6 acre lake. People connect to the lake, pools, and walking paths because of the natural beauty, fishing, swimming and other advantages that the Creekside West Village Master Association offer. Creekside West has pool areas, condos, and private lots that provide access to the scenic views of the lake.

Creekside Lake is a majestic, well preserved man-made resource. But perhaps the residents who use our lake in a respectful and responsible manner are our greatest natural resources. Since 1986, our lake has been maintained by the HOA membership, preserving some of the most scenic lakefront views in Ontario. Creekside Lake boasts a pool area, park space, clubhouse, sitting areas, and private cantilevered docks which can be seen from along the common area shorline. The lake is a paddling and fishing paradise for people residing in the community.

ACC Rules for Lakefront Setback

Before any digging or trenching is begun within the 10′ – 0″ setback from teh lake edge, contact the Beach Club Office or Property Management for the approximate location of buried lake filtration pipes.

Retaining walls within the 10] – 0″ Lake edge setback shall not exceed 18″ in height.

All fences shall be installed at he top of the sloped rear yard at the ridge line, but shall not encroach within the 10′ – 0″ setback except along the property line.

All patios within the 10′ – 0″ Lakefront setback shall consist of brick or pavers set in silicone sand, or comparable materials capable of easy prompt removal.

No material or improvement shall be attached to the concrete lake edge.

No structure except the approved cantilevered docks shall be permitted within the 10′ – 0″ setback.

Trees shall not be planted within the 10′ – 0″ setback.

Soil erosion from rain and irrigation systems shall be controlled from flowing in to the lake.

Normandie on the Lake District #8

ADOPTED 12/2003 Normandie on the lake District #8 may replace their dog eared fencing with La Paz slump stone with the lake set-back to be constructed of wrought iron fence and distance will be determined on a case by case bases and NO wall shall be constructed to the rear fence.