When they say, “Well Planned, Balanced, and Self-Sustaining Community”, Creekside West is what they mean.

Here are a few ways you can help preserve our vibrant future:

Talk to your neighbors about a clean-up effort. Anything you do in your area will be a group effort, so you’ll need others to join in. When you get to know your neighbors, you’ll probably discover that you notice many of the same issues in the Creekside West community. Agreeing on what you need to do is a good first step to starting a neighborhood clean-up effort.

Pick up litter. Litter, trash that people drop all around the ground, is an eyesore. Worse, it can be harmful to children, animals, and the rest of the environment. If you see some trash on the ground around your neighborhood, don’t assume someone else will take care of it. Be proactive in taking care of where you live.

  • Consider having a clean-up day where you and your friends go around your block and pick up trash.
  • Pay attention to lawns, bushes, and gutters. This is where most trash tends to collect.

Pick up after your pets. If you have pets that go for walks, especially dogs, make sure you pick up their poop. Nobody wants to see it, smell it, or even accidentally step in it. Follow your pets with a plastic bag to clean up after them, and make sure you throw the bag away in a trash bin. Leaving your pets’ waste behind can lead to the spread of disease and promote the spread of flies.

Several plastic bag dispensers are placed throughout the Creekside West common areas for your use. Should they become empty, please notify the property management company immediately at (909) 481-0600.

Report graffiti. Graffiti, painting on walls and other public places, is illegal in many locations, and an eyesore. If you notice this kind of artwork on a public building or structure, report it to the local authorities.

  • If you see graffiti on a local business, or other private property, talk to the property owner about cleaning it up. You may even be able to do it yourself.
  • If you see someone doing graffiti, do not confront them about it. Tell the property owner and contact Ontario Police Department by dialing 9-1-1 or the non-emergency line at (909) 395-2001.

Report maintenance and service issues. You can report maintenance and service issues via the MyOntario app, which will help improve the service delivery to our community. Easily take a photo of the issue, fill out a quick form, and hit submit. The city of Ontario will then automatically route your request to the appropriate department for resolution.

Our goal is to maintain Creekside West as a clean and safe community.