Ontario’s National Night Out – New Date

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Ontario residents once again demonstrated neighborhood unity during Ontario’s National Night Out on August 6, 2019. Thousands of neighborhood watch participants, residents living near Dorothy A Quesada Center and travelers going through Ontario International Airport took part in the event which highlighted the community involvement. Residents in over 200 neighborhoods visited with each other during the block parties that included barbeques, potlucks, entertainment, costume parties, and more. The City of Ontario has consistently received national recognition for our National Night Out participation. Ontario was ranked number 7 in the nation for cities our size for our 2019 activities. We want to thank ALL of the participants for another successful event. Video highlights can be viewed on YouTube. 

2019 Neighborhood Awards

Neighborhoods of 1 to 25 Homes

  • 1st Place – 500 block of W. Philadelphia St. – Block Captains – Alexandra and Richard Roldan
  • 2nd Place – 3200 block of S. Plainfield Pl. – Block Captains – Hazel and Holly Audet

Neighborhoods of 26-50 Homes

  • 1st Place – 100 block of E. H St. – Block Captains – Barbara Brayton and Chris Frausto
  • 2nd Place – 1500 block of N. Elderberry Ct. – Block Captain – Tim Erwin

Neighborhoods of over 50 Homes

  • 1st Place – 1400 block of W. Harvard Pl. – Block Captains – Tom La Rose, Reanna Padilla, Susanna Smith, and Claire Verti
  • 2nd Place – 1700 block of E. Granada Ct – Block Captains – Jesse Delgado, Sergio Sosa, and Patricia and Rod Taylor

Neighborhoods of Apartments, Condo, Mobile Homes

  • 1st Place – Mission Villa Townhomes (S. Magnolia Ave) – Block Captains – Angie Palma and Elmer Melara
  • 2nd Place (three-way tie)
    • Lamplighter Mobile Homes (East 4th St.) – Block Captains – Gretchen and Michael Valdivia and Jerel Robinson
    • Palm Terrace 1 Co-Op Apartments (East D St.) – Block Captains – Gloria Parris and Tyrone Gregory
    • Rancho Ontario Mobil Homes (E. Philadelphia St.) – Block Captains – Douglas Gay and Carmen Gomez

Planned Communities and Organization Hosted Gatherings

  • 1st Place – Creekside West Village Homeowners Association – Block Captains – D’Andre Lampkin and Livia Payne
  • 2nd Place – New Haven Homes – Ontario Ranch – Block Captains – Michael Potts and LaTesha McGee


  • Creekside Village East Homeowners Association – Block Captains – Irene and Frank Chisholm, Danielle Lowe, Eva Lynn Rodriguez, Sharon and John Thompson, and Kevin and Linda Weaver
  • Edenglen Community – Block Captain – Khristian Durham
  • New Apostolic Church – Block Captains – Bryan Ruppert and Mary Theilacker
  • Park Place Homes – Ontario Ranch -Block Captains – Omar Gonzalez and Peggy Barrientos
  • Starbucks – Store #20768 – Organizer – Jeffrey Scott
  • Veterans Memorial Park – Organizer – Alex Durarn

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Ontario’s National Night Out – New Date

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