Creekside Community 2021 Pavement Rehabilitation

August 14, 2021 The City of Ontario has awarded a contract to All American Asphalt of Corona, California to resurface Deer Creek Loop, Day Creek, Elsinore Way, and Haven Avenue. This work is to begin on...

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Creekside West Pools Open

April 14, 2021 The Creekside West Master Home Owner Association Board of Directors is happy to announce the re-opening of Creekside West pools taking place on Thursday, May 27, 2021. The pool opening is...

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Creekside West Pools Are Now Closed

December 1, 2020 The summer season came to a close several weeks ago and normally the Beach Club pool would remain open. You may have noticed the Creekside West Board of Directors made a decision to keep...

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Strange Bacteria Are Attacking California’s Trout Supply

September 29, 2020 Good morning. Today, we have another dispatch from the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, written by Will McCarthy. JUNE LAKE, Calif. — On a Friday in...

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Recycled Water Improvement Project Update 8/17/2020

August 17, 2020 Below is the status update regarding the construction activities that will be occurring in the Creekside Community for the  Ontario Municipal Utilities Company (OMUC) Recycled Water...

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Trout Disease In Hatcheries Leads to Lack of Fish in Area Lake

July 29, 2020 A contagious, potentially fatal bacteria has infected trout in the three state-run hatcheries that provide the fish to public lakes in Southern California and the eastern Sierra. The...

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California Kills 3.2 Million Trout To Halt Bacteria Outbreak

July 20, 2020 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California will kill 3.2 million trout to stop the outbreak of a bacterial infection that’s threatening hatcheries, wildlife officials said Monday. The trout,...

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5 new single-family home communities in burgeoning Ontario, CA

June 21, 2020 An oft-repeated piece of advice you’ll hear when moving to Los Angeles is “live close to where you work.” But as more companies allow their employees to work remotely, the necessity...

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Common Area Usage Announcement

March 20, 2020 A lot has changed in our state and city these past two weeks, and no doubt our lives at home have gone through some major shifts. We understand this has been a major hardship for some of...

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2020 Census Is Here!

March 11, 2020 The 2020 Census is here and ordinary residents in the city of Ontario have formed a Complete Count Committee to ensure every resident is counted in this years enumeration. Ontario’s...

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